Hi everyone !

Welcome to Studying Tips, the website created as part of the PolyPrev Working Environment project.

During this difficult period of studying and exams, we know too well how tired and stressed one can be. Yet, a good mental and physical health is just as essential as knowing your lessons ! If you feel overwhelmed during the exams, even after studying as much as you can, your performance would end up sub-optimal !

Nonetheless, we are also aware of how time-consuming studying is, therefore the Prevention Team wanted to offer you short breaks during the day, around ten minutes, to tackle your work in the best conditions possible !

Each day on this website, you will find one or more new resources that will give you tips about dietetics and well-being by Virginie Séchaud, short physical exercises by the CSU and many other surprises !

We look forward to completing this journey with you, to help you best succeed !