Today, Virginie Séchaud, founder of Real Holistic Nutrition, offers you nuttrition advice to start off the revisions as best as you can.

Unfortunately, the video is in French, but you will find a small summary underneath.

In this NutriTip, we take particular interest to neurotransmitters, obviously essential all the time but especially required during this period

A well balanced nutrition is essential to perform well during your revisions, in this NutriTip Virginie Séchaud puts forward the following ingredients:

Dark Chocolate which contains magnesium and increases serotonin levels
Oleaginous such as cashews and almonds packed with Omega 3 and antioxydants
Fruits and Vegetables (preferably seasonal) which lower inflammation caused by stress
Complex sugars such as complete cereals
Leguminous plants like chickpeas, lentils which bring fibers, helping with a healhy micrbiota