Today, Virginie Séchaud,, founder of Real Holistic Nutrition offers you nutritional advice to boost your performance throughout the day.

Unfortunately this video is in French, however a brief summary is available below.

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In summary, this video presents a protocol to boost your cognitive and physical capacities through the different meals of the day.

For the first meal of the day, we recommend a salty and protein-rich breakfast. This breakfast could, for example, consist of a boiled egg (3min 30sec cooking time), fresh organic seasonal fruit, fibre-rich foods, oleaginous fruits (nuts, almonds, brazil nuts, …) and a stimulating drink such as coffee or green tea brewed for less than 3 minutes.

Sf you get a little hungry in the morning, 70-80% dark chocolate and a few oilseeds will give you the energy you need to work until lunch.

At noon, a meal composed of fish (for proteins and fatty acids) accompanied by vegetables will be perfect.

If you feel peckish in the afternoon, a fresh fruit, coconut yoghurt or a salty snack such as Bündnerfleisch with cherry tomatoes will be perfect.

For evening meals, give preference to vegetarian proteins accompanied by cooked or raw vegetables.

We wish you all good viewing and good luck for this last week of the examination period.